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Just wanted everyone to know that yes Jake from the cancelled show Jake in Progress, was using his Sidekick to the last minute attempting to sway viewers to watch. As you can tell it seemed to work on my wife, she watched (as did I – since we’re married I’ve found my viewing habits have […]

To use fonts in my applications I use a few simple calls to setup my StaticText boxes with the right font. First create a Font variable — Font mFont; — where mFont will be the font object we create. Once you have the variable declared it’s easy to assign it a font. There are quite […]

Over at pdahandyman one of their writers went on a tirade about the lack of innovation in the PDA scene. Bringing up the most holy of PDA’s, the Apple Newton 2100.  I’m really starting to long for an Apple Newton MessagePad 2100. Its no wonder there’s still a significant fan-based development community out there. That […]

Okay it’s up.


You can check out AlphaKick at Please check it out and leave any feedback in the forums at as well. I should have the timed version out by next week (with another level as well) so that will be the true test of whether the game is truely fun. Also, in direct competition […]

Well I’ve been hard at work trying to release something for the Sidekick. And I’ve done it. AlphaKick is a word game that is based off speed and a random assortment of letters. You play against the clock to come up with as many words as possible. If you take too long the timer punishes […]