Some font advice.


To use fonts in my applications I use a few simple calls to setup my StaticText boxes with the right font. First create a Font variable — Font mFont; — where mFont will be the font object we create. Once you have the variable declared it’s easy to assign it a font. There are quite a few calls that allow you to set your font to generic types — mFont = Font.findBoldSystemFont(). If you know the name of the font you can have the system set your font according to the font name as well — mFont = Font.findFont(“Bort7”) — which would work for any font name.

Font mFont;
mFont = Font.findFont(“Bort7”);
mFont = Font.findBoldSystemFont();
StaticText mStaticText = new StaticText(“Bort 7 Font Text”);

If you would like to see exactly what fonts are available on the Sidekick you should certainly check out Fontchooser, written by Micah Gorrell (unfortunately his website is down, but check back at a later time to see if it’s up).

Just a simple pointer for any new Sidekick programmers out there. Any comments or suggestions please leave some feedback.


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