Okay it’s up.


You can check out AlphaKick at SKDR.net. Please check it out and leave any feedback in the forums at SKDR.net as well. I should have the timed version out by next week (with another level as well) so that will be the true test of whether the game is truely fun.

Also, in direct competition with the Hiptop Blog service Google’s Blogger website just began offering MoBlogging for free (text and photos). Although it is a little late compared to when Danger started offering it. Google’s free MoBlog can do one thing that Danger’s can’t. Post to any of your current blogs hosted through Blogger.

The next entry was sent by way of go@blogger.com, and now it’s a magical blog post. So if you were holding off from Danger’s blog service because you didn’t want to have to start over this may be the answer for you.

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