Something new, AlphaKick!


Well I’ve been hard at work trying to release something for the Sidekick. And I’ve done it. AlphaKick is a word game that is based off speed and a random assortment of letters. You play against the clock to come up with as many words as possible. If you take too long the timer punishes you by taking one of your answer spots. The round is over when you’ve filled all the spots with answers (or the computer has taken them from you), if you score is high enough you go to the next round. But you must follow the rules and spell words that match the length they are asking for; you begin spelling 3 letter words, next 4, and then finally 5.

The real twist happens everytime you spell a word correctly; the game “kicks” out one or more letters and replaces them with new ones. It’s not always a bad thing, if you get stuck on a word you can also “kick” out a random letter, but it deduct points so try not to. I’m still working on implementing the timer features so for now it’s just more of a thinking exercise than a frantic fast paced mind bender.

Check back soon for updates. Hopfully check to download your copy (I’m just waiting on approval).

I’ve already started on my next program, and if it turns out as I have started developing it I would like to think it would be something that people would buy a Sidekick to play it on. Of course I’m just dreaming but a little insipiration hasn’t hurt anyone.


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