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Well if it comes out in the states then I’ll help Danger fight it off. If you love your Danger Hiptop, you gotta look at this.  Seems like this would stop it, but the phone wouldn’t stay in a parrallel position the entire time, it would be one way than another. Advertisements

I want this. 

Someone e-mailed me recently and asked where to begin when you want to write your own program for the Hiptop. It’s the same question I had when I began programming too and I’m sure someone down the line will ask the same question of someone else. Today though, I bring you the answer. You start […]

the OQO effect.


You owe it to yourself as a lover of the large format PDA the Apple Newton to read about the hands-on experience of a person using the OQO at The images on the web do it not one iota of justice. This machine is small and then some. Think of it as a large-ish […]

Whenever you don’t have time to have to program a massive for loop to keep track of things while you’re away programming something else you need a Timer. Danger’s OS has built in threading (allowing multiple things to happen at once) and a very simple implementation of it as well. To begin with determine how […]

I just posted updated versions of Accountant and AlphaKick over at Quite a bit of updates to each, read through their descriptions and find out why it’s time to upgrade. I’ve started working on the Networking behind Phrase Charades and have just finished with the ground work. Now it’s more trying to figure out […]

Here are just a few of the articles that attempt to compare any recently released PDA to the father of what the PDA will eventually become. First up is the latest entry from PalmOne, the LifeDrive. You can read a review of the Life Drive (the so-called next step of the PDA) over at USA […]