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I’m taking a short break from Accountant to work on a few other programs that I’d like to see on the hiptop. First of which is Text Twist. Right now it’s more of a proof of concept than an actual program. I’m following the mantra of “build often” when it comes to my Java development. […]

I just uploaded Accountant release 2 at It still does NOT have persistant storage, I started implementing it a few days ago and realized that I had wrote myself into a corner. So I rewrote quite a bit of the code to make it easier to add in Datastores, now I’m just waiting for […]

    Looks like the ladies on Wisteria Lane have fallen for the gentleman with the techno-phile Sidekicker. On the latest episode of “Desperate Housewives” the gold digging Gabrielle Solis uses a gentleman (who is sensible enough to purchase a great convergence device but not smart enough to see what she is doing) to pay […]

Just to let everyone know, I’m still working on Accountant and plan to have a release next week. Please bear with me, I just got married and don’t have the time on my hands that I did before the grand event. I’ve also been working on a version of Text Twist for the Sidekick. I’d […]

    Even Veronica Mars is using a Sidekick these days. Goes to show that when you are an up and coming Nancy Drew you have to stay connected. I wonder if she has a developer key flashed on it or, shudder to think, it’s a non-working display. Either way she’s connected to some distant […]