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Time for school


What a great school York University, if you take enough time to scroll down you see that a required reading for the course Consumer Behavior is the paper “Religiosity in the Abandoned Apple Newton Brand Community”, great class huh? I can vouch I’d at least attend class for a single day. Advertisements

Just wanted to say that is open for business again. I don’t know what happened on Monday (inability to get my account reopened) but here’s a tip, DON’T USE YOU T-MAIL ACCOUNT TO CREATE YOUR DEVELOPERS ACCOUNT! It just won’t work, you can’t respond to the activation email and your account will never be […]

Got GMail?


If you do then you can’t afford to pass up Gmail Pocket. I have been unable to reach Gmail thru the normal means and have found this to be more than an adequate replacement. It’s fast and easy to use on the Sidekick. It’s the best of the rest when it comes to accessing Gmail […]

Thanks to Sidekick Developer’s Resource for continuing on when even Danger can’t. For the past few days the developer site has been down (which makes up and coming developers resources scarce) with the message that it will be up and running again on the 28th. As for me, thanks to various forum members from […]

Turns out ABC’s new show “Jake in Progress” has got it partially right. Jake uses his Sidekick multiple times throughout the episode, but only as the World’s Most Connected beeper. He always seems to check it while talking on a regular cell phone. Strange, but nice to see that the Sidekick is the chosen method […]

You can read about T-Mobile’s latest the MDA IV over at infoSync World. conventional GPRS, as well as 128 MB of RAM, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11b, and will also be the very first Windows Mobile based communicator to boast a VGA display. Great styling (very similar to the Hiptop of course) and loaded with features […]

Here’s the latest programming experiment for the Sidekick. Using the 2.0 library it’s a simple game where you guess the random number. It shows off a few features that beginning programmers would be interested in; Random(), SetText(), and setting event listeners. The full source is included as well as a few screenshots of the program […]