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Okay, a very simple program for those aspiring developers (much like myself) to deconstruct. It adds two numbers using NumberEditor and NumberField objects. Very simple program with lots and lots of documentation.As you can see, 8 + 6 does in fact equal 14. So it successfully can add two numbers together. I’m going to add […]

Looking to start programming? Well I couldn’t recommend the forums at more, everyone has been very prompt to answer my questions and I’ve learned quite a bit. Enough to release a very simple (I repeat very simple) program. Updated from the Hello World sample program from Danger this just shows a few more parts […]

Speaking with a Newtontalk member off list I decided that maybe I should continue my mini-review / how-to guide for Newton adventures (you may remember Flash Card or Common Words) but I’d like to hear some suggestions / submissions for what people are looking to do or have done with their Newton. It would be […]

Well looks like Molly Shannon got the hatchet back while typing away. I admit that I’ve been lost in thought before while tapping out message after message. But never enough to ignore the hatchet. Great showing for the power of the Sidekick. Looks like she’s Asking Jeeves on how to remove a hatchett that’s just […]

If you don’t read Cargo “The New Buyers guide for Men” you definately should. In the February issue (on stands now) they review cell phones with keyboards (strangely missing from the index found on page 86). They compare the Danger Hiptop with the Nokia 9300, Motorola MPX, Siemens sx66 as well as a few others. […]