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An excellent idea, would we love the Newton as much if they were still around? If everyone had one would we just sit around and bash it much like those Mac fanatics. An excellent read at The Guardian for anyone who might be interested. Lots of great insight into the rumored sub-$500 dollar mac to […]



Okay, so the Newton lives through Einstein? Now if I just felt as though I had a “fast” mac. If anyone has gotten Einstein running care to leave a comment about their system specs? Thanks goes out to Paul Guyot for the development and recent screenshots of this amazing feat of Newton history.

Time to vote


Could you show some support for my labours of love? By that I mean This Old Newt has started their voting for the 2004 Newtie Awards. I’m not asking for a win, I’m just asking for some small recognition. Personally if I weren’t myself I would have voted for Newtendo but I do love myself […]