First programming update.

Well it turns out that Danger’s Hiptop is such a closed system that they have an emulator (refered to as the Hiptop Simulator) which allows for development without a Sidekick even. Quite a few websites have information about setting up Danger’s simulator (which can be downloaded from Danger’s developer depot). Once the Simulator is installed you are free to run most bundles (on Windows machines referenced by .bndl extension) with little effort. You are able to send and receive email, write notes, setup to-do’s, chat on AOLIM, and even (as you can see from my earlier post) create blog posts. Before you are able to connect to the internet with your Simulator you must have both a developer account (easily created free at Danger’s developer depot) and a Simulator account (also found at Danger’s site as well – but you must be logged in to your developer account first).
You then use a text editor of your choice to make a few required changes to the file; make com.danger.username = username_sim, where username is your Simulator account name. Before you head out and grab your Simulator and take it online Danger is shutting down their Simulator connect service until Feb. 14th. What a great Valentine’s Day gift from our favorite California based convergence device company.
I’m going to start posting excerpts from my programming introductions with screenshots and instructions to help others start out with Hiptop development. While you are waiting check out my other sites and

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