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thanks to all.


Hard to believe that I started this site 12 months ago. Almost 7000 visitors, countless hours of Newtonscript programming, checking for that elusive episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and trying to follow up on all the Newton news that is fit to blog. Thanks to all for following along with me and let’s hope […]

Special showing by Danger’s Hiptop on Arrested Development. Such an intelligent show would certainly use such an intelligently designed phone.

Well it turns out that Danger’s Hiptop is such a closed system that they have an emulator (refered to as the Hiptop Simulator) which allows for development without a Sidekick even. Quite a few websites have information about setting up Danger’s simulator (which can be downloaded from Danger’s developer depot). Once the Simulator is installed […]

When you mention eBook’s don’t forget about the Newton. Turns out Cory Doctorow from the EFF made sure to point out the Newton is still viable; especially when it comes to eBooks (check here, here, and here).

Just sending this blog entry out of my Simulator. After a simple change I have Bloggy running like a champ. Thanks AcidAngel. Maybe one day I’ll have something put together that you’ll thank me for.

Looks like 2010 isn’t the end of the Newton, seems like in the mid 22nd century they are using Newton(like) devices. Well, once you change a blue to green at least. Pretty soon geeking out on the Newton won’t be syncing information through a built-in Bluetooth connection, running a few experiments using eProbe, or even […]

I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the people who voted for me over at This Old Newt but I still need your help. If you’ve ever used Rush Hour (as it appears is one of the more popular programs of mine) then do both of us a favor and add another vote for […]