i’m back soon enough.

How long has it been since my last post? Ages, unfortunately the reason behind the long wait is my latest gadget, the Danger Hiptop, also known as the T-Mobile Sidekick. Not exactly a replacement for the Newton but I’m trying to make it fit the same hole that my Newton filled.

Hiptop PROS vs. Newton: Cell Phone, Color screen, Internet Enabled (most of the time), built in camera, smaller form factor, qwerty keyboard, excellent content distribution system, easy wireless sync with outlook. Ability to access information off your Hiptop from any internet connected computer without having the Hiptop with you.

Hiptop CONS vs. Newton: No touch screen (covering no Handwriting recognition), Hiptop apps not aware of other apps (must enter things manually multiple times i.e. Entering a birthday for a contact and then having to enter it into the calendar), limited software pool (but growing), programming isn’t as fun (internal apps not extensible), and T-Mobile has the worst coverage at this time (only so many calls are important enough to stand in my apartment’s parking lot to get enough signal to hear (visit AbbyAndMichael.com to find out who would be that important.))

With all said and done I still realize that the Newton will still have a place in my life, but at this point it’s relegated to academical pursuits. It’s an amazing machine that I will always love but have to walk away from for a little while but expect to be back again soon. The Newton boomerang.


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