What one needs to develop, a cord.

As strange as it may seem I was unable to find a USB cable that would fit the sidekick. It uses the same cable as a Palm Tungsten E (the cable is a USB A Male/Mini B 5-pin) as well as quite a few other digital devices. What once was free with the original Sidekick is no longer free with the Sidekick II, with good reason since no one really needs it. Thankfully, Amazon.com was more than able to take care of my developing needs for the Sidekick II; a USB cable and a lanyard.
Amazon’s shipment will arrive on the 23rd and I hope to have some working programs out for general consumption by the 27th. The big four day turnaround to a first release. I’m planning much larger than I could possibly imagine. But, my first game came together very quickly for the Apple Newton and I’m expecting as great a success with the Sidekick.

Check back soon for some nice new stuff for everyone’s favorite sidekick.


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