I’ve just received my new Sidekick II.

This is the first Sidekick that I’ve owned it’s even my first time with T-Mobile. I’m very excited to jump in on the ground floor of Danger’s latest creation. I’ve used an Apple Newton for the past several years religiously and have decided that I want to try a more current piece of technology. I’ll always hold the Newton dear to my heart (check out dumbstart.com for more information about how dear I’ll hold it) but I think after 72 hours with the Sidekick it will be easy to not look back.

For the Newton I spent quite a few hours developing software for the platform. Learning an obscure (but wonderful) language and spending countless hours attempting to create art has taken it’s toll on my love of Newtonscript development. I’ve started looking into the Hiptop developers setup, which I’m very excited to be a part of. Unfortunately I don’t have a USB cable, but I do have the Hiptop simulator, Java SDK, and Apache Ant running on my computer (which is all I will need to write the next killer app). I’ve decided to also write a few short tutorials and combine all the tips and tricks into one outstanding site. Please check back soon as I am only just beginning.

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