name change perhaps?


I want to release my latest rewrite of the Newtonscript tutorial but before I do I am thinking about a more Newton sounding name than dumbstart. Which isn’t Newton related at all. I’m leaning toward Newtonscripture, or Newtonscriptor, since I would like to base a lot of my site on the Newtonscript programs that I write and other Newton programming related items. Anyone have a better suggestion, I was even thinking of, very Newton sounding isn’t it.,, the list goes on. Does anyone have a suggestion. I will happily consider all options (no matter how bad or pun-like they may be). Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading some great ideas.


2 Responses to “name change perhaps?”

  1. How about… “Tapping this does nothing” ?

    Ha! That’s a good one! has a nice ring to it, but I really like the ‘scripture’ part of Newtonscripture. Why not simply use – any one of them, as they are all available.


  2. 2 Anonymous

    Wonder if you’d have any problems from Apple if you were to use, it is available so they must not care too very much about it. I like newtonscripture but I think would be a good one and it’s also available.

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