i decided to start up something new.

I just started work on a new Newton game, it’s called, The Hero. It’s a simple RPG with lots of story behind it. Why not, since the most RPG you can really play is dragon warrior (thanks again Newtendo) and that’s only with a keyboard. You create a character answer some background questions and then you are off to do something (mainly based on your background questions) whether it be good or not good (but not bad either). Make some money, find a new sword, just walk around, maybe even avenge your parents deaths (or go after them for asking too much of you). I’m certain that at this point I’m getting too ambitious but I was tired of working on nControl and wanted to make a simple Newton game again. I’m including a picture (forgive the despicable MS Paint graphics, I’m not an artist) of the game in the earliest stages.

Enjoy. Also, look for an updated version of nControl soon (pick what nutritional values you track, easier count entry, and updated graphics hopfully) at this location.


One Response to “i decided to start up something new.”

  1. Go, go , gadget dumbstart!–>

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