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As strange as it may seem I was unable to find a USB cable that would fit the sidekick. It uses the same cable as a Palm Tungsten E (the cable is a USB A Male/Mini B 5-pin) as well as quite a few other digital devices. What once was free with the original Sidekick […]

This is the first Sidekick that I’ve owned it’s even my first time with T-Mobile. I’m very excited to jump in on the ground floor of Danger’s latest creation. I’ve used an Apple Newton for the past several years religiously and have decided that I want to try a more current piece of technology. I’ll […]

i have decided!


Well, I think that I’ve decided on for the new site name. I just want to make it a site name that describes what the site actually is instead of what I purchased on a spur of the moment choice at the website. I’ll start the process this weekend (since I’ll have a […]

I want to release my latest rewrite of the Newtonscript tutorial but before I do I am thinking about a more Newton sounding name than dumbstart. Which isn’t Newton related at all. I’m leaning toward Newtonscripture, or Newtonscriptor, since I would like to base a lot of my site on the Newtonscript programs that I […]

I just started work on a new Newton game, it’s called, The Hero. It’s a simple RPG with lots of story behind it. Why not, since the most RPG you can really play is dragon warrior (thanks again Newtendo) and that’s only with a keyboard. You create a character answer some background questions and then […]