almost four years ago to the day.


With all the excitement about Einstein and the hope of the Newton’s resurrection lets not forget the forefathers of the Newton emulator. The first of which is David Arnold the man behind the Gnuton project. Written in python, tested on Windows 95, Windows NT, and Unix (surprisingly no Mac testing was done) able to startup enough to realize that it doesn’t have any storage and then ask you if you’d like to initialize the card.

What a nice idea to reformat my PC from NTFS to NOS 1.X, it would drive me crazy that every file would have .NWT extension at least I’d be able to open my names folder with my Media Player while selecting Fax recipients to receive my Work internet setup. What a wonderful world that would be.

Unfortunately the Gnuton project fell silent almost four years ago to the day. With the release of 0.1.7 (very close to a point.2 release) the project shut it’s doors without a sound. It’s strange how the status page of the project could almost be considered the forebearer of the modern day blog, what a forward thinking he was. For that reason, David I salute you for attempting to breath life back into a platform that we all love dearly and I speak for Newton users everywhere when I say thanks for trying.


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