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did I propose?


If you are wondering that let me clear it up for you rather quickly, I did propose. To my most wonderful girlfriend (read as fiancee now) and I have been together for over three years and I’ve finally decided to step up to the plate and make the leap to take the plunge. I’m going […]

With all the excitement about Einstein and the hope of the Newton’s resurrection lets not forget the forefathers of the Newton emulator. The first of which is David Arnold the man behind the Gnuton project. Written in python, tested on Windows 95, Windows NT, and Unix (surprisingly no Mac testing was done) able to startup […]

I’m going to file this in better late than never but for the two or three of you who haven’t seen the Newton article at Wired should check it out for a quick recap of the mainstream media’s look at the continuing life of the Newton. The Einstein emulator is certainly stiring up some news […]

I’m certain if you were to replace a few words (most likely the word iPod) in this article with the word Newton then you’d have a timeline that would be near and dear to our PDA populace. One day I’m certain this kind of fervor will apply to the World Wide Newton Conference when Paul […]

Strange how when I offered free gmail invites on my site I didn’t have one single response, but when you list something like that on Newtontalk, the whole world wants to be your friend. If anyone is interested in an invite drop a comment on this message and you will be first in line to […]

Has anyone actually tried to use a pda as a real computer? It just can’t/won’t work. You can’t browse sites In a timely manner, it’s very hard to install software, and handwriting recognition makes entering text much harder than it should be for typing web addresses. Things I do love about the Newton; RSS reader, […]