a new experiment.

Since my computer has crashed and is just a shade of it’s former self I’m going to attempt to live by my Newton alone over the next few weeks. With the ability to blog, schedule, email, game, and surf the web it should be an easy experience. I’m certain the keyboard I have will get quite a bit more use (very hard to browse the web using text input – even with 90% recognition) and I’ll go through some withdrawals but it would be nice to see how people lived way back in 1995 (i’m going to guess that VH1’s clip show I Love the 90’s has hit home).

One last post about Newton usage, Jurrasic Park in fact did not have a Newton in it. I finally tracked down a copy of the film, and you can see for yourself it’s no Newton. It resembles an Omnigo with the keyboard folded out face down. Sorry to dash everyone’s dreams, but we will always have Sabrina.

I’m going to keep updating the site with my findings of what the Newton needs or needs to be changed to be a daily tool in a persons life. Hopfully my findings will allow me to pick up Newton development at a later time with quite a few new ideas for programs.

3 Responses to “a new experiment.”

  1. 1 Tom

    Hey there, I’m a newton user as well! I’ve had Newtons for years but only recently (read 2 months)had a 2100. Its superb. I used your first tutorial as I want to write lots of things for my Newt for work (Optics :p) so carry on, theyre great!!!! Cheers, Tom

    PS – private addy for emails = tsfall@hotmail.com, email me sometime bout Newt’s

  2. 2 Anonymous

    Funny! Newman uses a Newton! Love you! abby

  3. I’m 90% sure that’s a Motorola Marco, which in fact is a Newton. Apple licensed Newton clones for a while, and Motorola’s was a ruggedizedbook format very much like that, with a built-in RF modem.

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