Archive for August, 2004

In my quest to use the Newton as my sole means of computational power I’ve set up my Newton to post blogs again. It’s taken some time to get it up and running, what would have helped was a site like to download useful packages. I’m going to attempt to set-up something of the […]

Since my computer has crashed and is just a shade of it’s former self I’m going to attempt to live by my Newton alone over the next few weeks. With the ability to blog, schedule, email, game, and surf the web it should be an easy experience. I’m certain the keyboard I have will get […]

Just to let everyone know, computer crash = not developing at this time. Yes that’s right, quite a bit of my programming was lost in a recent crash (hooray NTFS file system). I’ve just started a new job and have decided to take some time off from developing. I would like to think someone would […]