Archive for June, 2004

I’m uploading the latest version of nControl. You can track your nutrients on a meal-by-meal basis, if you are low on time just rate your meal and nControl will automatically generate nutritional content based on your preferences. You can add specific food items and restaurant items that can be used over and over to make […]

Here are just three of the swaps that I’ve made for GMail invites thanks to I’ve been trading away mostly for pictures of the person riding a cow about to make a touch down for the Soviet Olympic Football team. As if there was such a thing. Enjoy the look. If you have a […]

A friend came to visit for a while and I had to take some time out of my normal schedule to remind her of how wonderful San Antonio, Texas is (she moved back to her home town outside of Chicago) and showing a person all the fun to be had in Texas takes up most […]

In case anyone is heading off to Vegas, remember this; if you don’t plan to win, you’re planning to lose. For that reason I’ve written a program that simulates Video Poker, in this first release it takes advantage of the Newton TextToSpeech extensions and keeps track of winnings starting you out at a very generous […]