digging up the Newton.

Your dog has been at it again, burying bones all over your back yard, now it’s up to you to find out where exactly these bones have been buried. The latest in a string of releases of simple Newton games; Planks, Hopper, and now this. I have quite a bit of work on this game, I’m just posting it for general consumption in the hopes that it will encourage me to continue development on it. It’s been a pain trying to implement a random order to the bones at this point, if anyone has any ideas on an easy way to do this please contact me, I’ve tried a few different ways and at this point none of them have worked in a way that is worth implementing.

The rules are simple, you have to find four bones, they are spread throughout your Backyard and you uncover them one spot at a time, if you uncover a bone it shows up as a bone cross, if there isn’t a bone then it shows up as a hole. Once you have uncovered the entire bone the bone crosses are replaced with the entire bone. You try to uncover all the bones without digging too many holes. Enjoy, and look for an updated version very soon . . .


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