plenty of people love the Newton.

If the Apple Newton keeps up with all the positive regard (sans the description of it being “brick like”) then we are certain to see a new influx of users into the fold.

With mentions at MacDailyNews about the growing trend of mobile blogging, especially of people who doNewton Blogging speaking of all the bonuses with using a larger scale PDA, we are certain to see a few converts. Even at Globe Technology they refer to the latest version of the Blackberry have a great history owing much to the Newton.

Once you’ve read your fill of Newton-related news check out some screenshots of my latest project (I say latest even though I started this way way way back before I even started a site) nControl. A lifestyle tracker that will have quite a few functions that I’ve yet to see in a product of it’s type; counting calories, fat, sodium, and carbohydrates, it will grade you on a daily basis on how you meet your personalized goals. Enjoy the screenshot, I’m waiting to add a few more features before I make a release, what I’d like to do is get some help with the icons, I created one for breakfast and thought to myself, this is incredibly bad looking. If anyone would like to donate some time to make icons for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack, in the form of a 16-color bitmap with dimensions 115 x 45 I would greatly appreciate it and definately add your name to the credits. Enjoy.


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