still taking back the Newton.

Flash Card – Mini-Review # 3
What may not look like much in the screenshot may be responsible for my passing grade in Psychology. FlashCard was written by Jeffery Schlimmer in 1995 and is a staple in my Newton’s package diet. After creating cards with both questions and answers you can then quiz yourself over the material, randomly asking questions and presenting five possible answers to that question and when you’re finished you receive a percentage grade. You can create decks of questions keeping them separated by category, allowing you to quiz yourself over the pertinent material. Throughout my Intro to Psych class I’ve made separate decks for each chapter that we have studied to this point, and before tests I just quiz myself a number of times until I get 100% correct.

To create a card you enter your question in the top box and use the font and styles buttons to format the question. Once you have entered your question then enter the answer in the bottom box. Use the Up and Down arrows to move between cards (each new Deck automatically has 5 blank cards) and press the New button to create a new card.

After you have fully filled out at least 5 cards you can then click the quiz button to begin the testing process. You can see in the screenshot to the right As you can see to the right I’ve already made a quiz, “Known as the original green tablet created by Apple as an alternative to writing on napkins.” The correct answer as well as 4 answers from other questions are shown at the bottom, after you select an answer it will show the correct answer (whether you selected it or not). You can click the % button to show the percentage of correct answers you’ve given so far. You can also click the stop button to quit the quiz and return to the card editor for revisions or to start over.

You create your decks and even beam them to other Newton users so now we need to start a database of Decks so everyone can start passing Psych as easily as I am. It’s a great program that can be found at UNNA in the utilities section, as well as a package that will allow users to export their decks using a terminal emulation program called Flash Card Transfer. Unfortunately I’m unable to contact Jeffery Schlimmer and the official site of the program is no longer functioning (appears to be a secondary education site) and no other leads from Google at this time. If anyone has any information please pass it on, I’d like to think that I can get at least one program freedom for the community.


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