still going to post during down time.

At this time no one will be able to read this entry (or the past two), but I’m going to go ahead and write it up so I’ll be ready when the problems at spymac are fixed and I’m able to post again. As certain as I am that people here are familar with spymac, I just have to mention they are the first people out the door with one gig free email, they also provide 350 megs of free iCal, blog space, and website hosting, as well as auctions, great forums, and a very active support structure. Thanks to spymac for the hosting space, now if I could just FTP in!

But while I’m waiting, here’s some great information about this week in Newton history:

1990: John Sculley gives his full support for developing the Newton. As originally envisioned, the US$1,500 Newton personal digital assistant (PDA) is scheduled to ship April 2, 1992. As it turns out, the first Newton MessagePad isn’t released until August 2, 1993, at a list price of US$699.

This is just some of the information from Apple Confidential 2.0 and Mac Observer. And the reworked version of Planks is up, still only two levels, but more will be added very soon since I completely rewrote the way it handles levels.

Planks.pkg,, and Planks.txt.


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