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I’m posting the latest version (which also happens to be the first release) of nControl for the Apple Newton 2X00 series. nControl allows you to personalize your calorie, sodium, carb, and fat requirements and gives you a simple way to enter and track these stats throughout the day. I would really like some feedback on […]

Check out the New York Times website, they have an article entitled A Design Epiphany: Keep It Simple which discusses the importance of good design; of which they include the Apple Newton (page 2, under the heading Edit). Way to go my original green tablet for keeping yourself on the radar.

I’ve uploaded the latest version of jumble, with high score support, a whole slew of new words, as well as better timing and score notifications. I hope you all enjoy, and please let me know any problems you encounter, especially if you are using a 1X0 NOS 2.0 since this is the first real program […]

I just got nBlog running on my Newton and decided that I would test it out. Turns out there is very few instructions for getting nBlog to run much less to find out the exact names of your servers at If anyone reading this uses nBlog please let me know so I Can place […]

The latest in a string of releases from the dumbstart camp, Jumble. It’s actually a first for me, a Newton 2.0 program (for the most part my programs can only run on the 2.1 OS), i’m planning on going back and seeing if I can change any of my older programs to 2.0 compliant, so […]

I’ve just uploaded a new Newton book, A Picture of Dorian Grey. I’ve also added a summary of chapters, rundown of major characters, themes, and conflicts. I figure I’ll search out a classic (that could serve a purpose for those of us who go to school) and put together a Newton book with notes and […]

At first glance I thought that I had been fooled, again. Like every Newton user before me I thought I was seeing the future. Until I realized that it runs Windows XP. If you haven’t seen the new line of Vaios from Sony you are missing out; a PVR with 7 built in tuners and […]