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Unfortunately by the time you read this the problem will be fixed, but I’m unable to post any news or Newton programs at this time, Spymac is updating their servers and it’s making it impossible to do anything until they are finished. Thanks for sticking around while I’m unable to post any updates, I promise […]

I’m certain at least a few of you remember my original mini-review of Bowser, a decision making tree package released in 1995, and my attempt to have it’s source-code released. Nothing, I haven’t gotten anywhere with it so far, the e-mail address is invalid (, thanks to a reader (and google) revealed an address that […]

I’ve already met a single white female with Newton (SWFWN), now you can try meeting one to, at Newton Meetup. Almost 25 Newton users have signed up so far, yes that’s right, 25. is an easy self-contained way to meet other local Newton users as well as some not-so-local users. I would like to […]

Well, thanks to advanced in modern technology you can have your computer act more like your Newton everyday. People around the world remember, for good reason, the simple act of using a Newton and strive to bring that ease of use to your modern destop machine. Aquaminds NoteTaker is a clear example of what the […]

thanks jeff.


Thanks to the pseudo-anonymous Jeff, I’ve been able to pick up the number of site updates with 100 Megs of space provided by I’m still in the process of moving things over but as soon as I’m done I have a few things I’d like to upload until then enjoy the “still-working” archives.

Seems like my fix didn’t fix it for long. I’ve changed it again and now the archives work. Sorry I haven’t posted much lately, but I’ve run out of space for my site and am looking for alternatives for places to host it. Any ideas? I’m just finishing up a re-write of planks, it was […]

The archived pages weren’t loading and now they are. So you are still able to download NES games, my software, as well as read through all the news you may have missed. Sorry for the inconvience and thanks for the cooperation.