new program on the horizon.


Okay, I’ve been gone but I’ve actually been thinking about my Newton. I even took it on vacation. I wanted to show it the world to thank it for showing me a new world. Ah, sweet talking my PDA! You don’t see Palm users doing that. Hopefully, my girlfriend won’t read this and get jealous. I’d hate to have to choose between them.

During all this thinking about my Newton, I’ve come up with nControl which is a weight management program that will allow users to track their daily intake of calories, carbs, sodium, and other health conscious values. To start, the user will be asked a series of questions to help the program decipher their individual health goals. Then daily the user will enter information about what they have eaten and any exercise that was done. Based on this information, the program will monitor how well the user has stuck to their daily goal by providing them with a one word rating such as Average, Good, Excellent, or Bad. Hopefully, once I finish nControl it will be as simple to use as it is to try and describe. I do have a screenshot to help make it more clear what nControl actually is and, as always, it will be free.


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