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To further the goals of Newton users worldwide, I’m going to begin reviewing older Apple Newton software that is no longer being developed but its use is still viable. I’m going to include screenshots and simple steps to use the software. If enough people find the programs useful then I would like to gather support […]

I’m looking for suggestions for additional stats to track with nControl. As of this writing I have calories, fat, carbs, and sodium. I was thinking of adding fiber and saturated fat, allowing you to choose exactly which nutritional content to track on your own. I will hopefully have a release for later next week, so […]

Okay, I’ve been gone but I’ve actually been thinking about my Newton. I even took it on vacation. I wanted to show it the world to thank it for showing me a new world. Ah, sweet talking my PDA! You don’t see Palm users doing that. Hopefully, my girlfriend won’t read this and get jealous. […]

Sorry to all Newton users. I took my little green friend on a trip back to my homeland. Where is that you ask? Georgia. It’s not really where I was born, but it is where I saw my first Newton and the love affair began. Who knew that 10 years later I’d write Newton programs […]

I’ve found some very troubling pictures. All of them are very similar to the Newton (proportions and shade of green are both correct). I have come to the conclusion that Steve Jobs didn’t kill the Newton, but the International Adult Neo-Corporate Cartoon Conspiracy did! Just a quick look at the facts-Gary Trudeau had an extensive […] finally posted my torrent for Newtendo support files (listed under the Applications heading), including many files not found anywhere else such as Elevator Action, Millipede, Ice Climber, Mega Man 2, Loderunner, Ms. Pacman, Nobunga’s Ambition (if I could only get a refund for the time I spent trying to conquer all 50 fiefs), Qix, […]

Newtendo as you like it. Here’s 80 different (half working, half not working) Newtendo Roms in one torrent. Thanks to for posting the Newtendo torrent here. Try again and don’t forget to check out the absolute latest (at least by the time this was posted) version of Newtendo at its home page.