flick it, drop it, install it, then switch it.


Finally! I’ve almost completed Switch It. This was the first real game that I developed for the Newton so it holds a special place in my heart. I’m uploading my first game that will save scores and levels in a soup. That way you can keep replaying to your hearts content without have to start over after a reset. I’m going to add soups to all of my games (as well as a few other non-soup options, too) and will have those uploaded very shortly. I have to give major thanks to Paul Guyot. Please visit his site to check out his projects, which are having a much greater impact on the Newton community as a whole (ATA support, desktop connectivity, and so much more). Thank you very much, Paul, for helping me with my biggest stumbling block in my Newtonscript adventures.

Look for an updated version of my Newtonscript tutorial here very shortly. I have the picture packages and project files ready. I just need to upload them (and make sure that the site doesn’t render them unreadable). If you have any ideas for another tutorial, please contact me. I’d love to continue creating them. Hopefully, they will foster someone else’s desire to develop something of even greater importance for the Newton community. If you have followed the tutorial, please let me know if it has worked out for you. I’d love to hear from at least one person so I know it’s all worthwhile.

Also, check out dmoz.org. It’s an open directory that categorizes websites and uses volunteers to help edit the sections. I volunteered and am working on updating the Newton section with high hopes of giving the Windows CE website count a run for its money (there are currently only 37 Newton sites, with 169 windows CE sites). Please visit and suggest a website. Suggesting a site is easy. Just click the link in the upper right hand corner labeled Suggest a URL. Next, type the web address and a short description of the site (or you can click the link Suggest a URL and immediately be taken to suggest a site). Once it is approved, it will be listed. Please help out. I think it would be an invaluable tool for future Newton users to have an extensive well-organized link section.

Tomorrow, I’ll post screenshots of Switch It and, as always, there’s a Newton 2.1 OS requirement to play it. If anyone would be interested in creating a new “River” background for Planks, please contact me. I’d love to have something better than my excellent use of the Spraypaint nozzle in paint. Thanks.

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