newtonscript ahoy!


Well, the progress I’ve made on Switch is still lacking. I have an older version of the package located here. Once I finish up the changes, you can expect to see a new version up very soon.

Also, as an added treat, i’ve almost finished the first tutorial (again). Taking the screenshots all over again has taken quite some time. You can find the tutorial here. Please be very kind as I’ve yet to complete it. It still has a few spots that aren’t as easy to follow as I would like them to be. If you do have comments, please leave them below. I’d love to create something that might inspire the next Newton user to become a Newton programmer.

Does anyone use BitTorrent? I’m going to create a torrent to use with the Newtendo game and post it on SuprNova as well as Torrents Kick Ass for public download, so take advantage of the links here while you can because they will be gone soon. If you have any questions about what BitTorrent is, check out the home page of the creator at, and the BitTorrent FAQ at


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