hoppin’ mad


Of all the games I’ve written, this could be the one I play the most. It’s a very simple premise. You move from box to box by hopping the number of spaces listed on the square. It has a very weak Hi-score system, random background pictures, the ability to move in 4 or 8 directions (by allowing diagonal movement), and that kind of gameplay that keeps you coming back for more. Please don’t expect to actually clear the board. It will drive you mad at how impossible the chances of that are…just play for points.

I wish that I had started programming on my Mac first. It’s something that I’ve started recently and with its simpler and more visual interface, I’m finding it to be a much simpler operation. I’m working to see how hard it would be to convert some of my projects over to the Newton, but it’s going much more slowly than I originally thought.

Please enjoy Hopper and look forward to other games being posted very soon.

Hopper package, source code, the zipped project files.

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