Now I can zig, when I should have zagged!


Hopefully everyone has had a chance to check out the goodness that is Newtendo, especially now that you have full control over the action at hand. The latest update of Newtendo allows you to actually play the game, start & select, A & B, and a graphical interpretation of the d-pad. No more waiting to watch the intro, silently wishing that the start button started something more . . .

Now it’s full on Mario Bros. action, bumping Koopas (before they were known as such), fighting Donkey Kong (as he attempts to take over your greenhouse), as well as practicing entering Game Genie codes too (for the few remaining hard core Nintendo gamers that are reading). Here are a few more screens to wet your appetite.

By all means please pay due respect to Eagan Rackley, without him I would have had to search 10 times hard for a great post today. Don’t forget to visit Eagan’s site to follow along with the development of Newtendo.

Donkey Kong 3, Donkey Kong Jr., Mario Bros.


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