8-Bit Gaming has found a new home.


I’m sure that most of you have heard of the Newtendo Emulator as of this point (for those who haven’t it’s a Nintendo Emulator for the Newton). But not all of you actually have a MP2000 (and those who do may not have the heap to run it) to actually see it in action. As a disclaimer, I am in no way affiliated with http://home.earthlink.net/~eagix/index.html, I just wanted the have-nots to actually see pictures of Newtendo running. Please check out the site for more up-to-date info on the program, but for now, here’s some screens taken while Newtendo was running.

Newtendo Running
Mario Bros. Start Screen
Mario Bros. In Game
Donkey Kong 3 Start Screen
Donkey Kong 3 In Game

It’s actually amazing to watch it run, it’s so incredibly smooth for a first release. It brings back such a flood of memories just watching it in action. A program is included to create NES games into packages that can be run with Newtendo, does anyone know of a listing of NES games by the Mapper they use? (Since Newtendo only has Mapper 0 available at this time). If anyone does know of such a site please leave a comment for myself and any other interested parties to follow. I wish Eagan (the developer) best of luck in all his efforts (now if only I could use my old controllers with this).


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