Newton Hacks Back


Living a quiet life Newton presses mute and gives center screen to his pseudo-bigger brother. Who knows with dialog like “Killer refresh rate” . . . “It’s a P6 Chip, triple the speed of a Pentium” . . . “RISC architecture is going to change everything”, they might actually be talking about the Newton. Next thing you know Steve Jobs is going to edit this scene in “Hackers” to show a picture of the G5 instead of a Mac/PC/Crap Hollywood hybrid. It’s nice to know, that if she has state of the art technology, she’s also got a Newton to keep phone numbers and recipes in.

Ah the OMP. Such a masterpiece that it ended up in this garbage. Really though, how bad could the movie be if the idea of seeing a PDA in one scene would make me want to watch it again?


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