Information on the Hollywood Newton


The Outer Limits - The JoiningHere we see Newton playing a serious role in an Episode of the Outer Limits episode “The Joining”, which was not much of a stretch for Newton at the time. The Newton OS 2.1 gave the actor more control over the work he took, which allowed the Newton to be the PDA it’s parents always wanted. Sources says Newton was unhappy with the episode, he felt that the angle he chose in relation to the keyboard wasn’t really his best work, not only that, but he had to bring his own serial adapter to the set (the casting director didn’t understand why Newton would require such a strange adapter to just use a keyboard).

There is hope yet fans, latest news on the Newton pictured here lead us to believe that he will make a brief appearance on “Bands Reunited” but only if VH1 can get the original Serial Adapter, and we know that’s going to be hard to say the least.

To find out other acting gigs the Newton has seen through out the years, check out Wikki Wikki Newt with all the history of the Newton in one place, feel free to add in any missing information you might be privy too.


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