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Thanks to all who contributed to! Since I started helping out the Newton section, it’s doubled in size to 51 links. It is by no means an exhaustive listing of the Apple Newton’s presence on the web, but a growing one. If you are looking for Newton sites, stop by. If you have a […]

Here’s a quick read about the Smart PDA that Apple is purportedly planning to create. The article gives great insight behind the Steve Jobs way of thinking as well as a few good reasons why Newton development should have continued.

Finally! I’ve almost completed Switch It. This was the first real game that I developed for the Newton so it holds a special place in my heart. I’m uploading my first game that will save scores and levels in a soup. That way you can keep replaying to your hearts content without have to start […]

I’m uploading a game that I’ve been trying to complete off and on for a while now called Planks. At this point, I’ve only added the first level. The object is to cross the river by picking up one plank at a time, but you can only pick up the planks that are resting on […]

Well, the progress I’ve made on Switch is still lacking. I have an older version of the package located here. Once I finish up the changes, you can expect to see a new version up very soon. Also, as an added treat, i’ve almost finished the first tutorial (again). Taking the screenshots all over again […]

Here are a few pics from the latest version of Newtendo, I’ve been trying quite a few different games to see what happens and these screens are the result. I’m going to post Switch It later today. It’s a clone of Lights Out for the Newton. For now, you have a few pictures and other […]